Sunday, July 26, 2009

Not the best but pray to be better


Praise to Allah Almighty the most Merciful and the Greatest,
At last I feel it is a little of time coming for me to start a blog as a way of expressing and delivering most of my thoughts,opinions, feelings and sharings to public as not all could be simply registered and casted in my small pieces of mind. After all, blogging is a means of fostering writing skills which is so called 'an enormous asset' for everybody to represent who he/she is thus make public possibly recognise him/her(if not all at least a little). Blogging sometimes could navigate people into risks of ununity if there are too much provocations fooled around by those who are not aware with the sensitivity of multiracial and various backgrounds in our local state but sometimes bring cheers to people whenever good articles shared or written like guidance,tips,stories and bla bla....but my most intention is very much toward expressing what I have been experiencing through out my bitter-sweet life as a humble friend,a servant to Allah,a brother of 10 siblings,a final year mechanical student of late,a child in a middle class family,an employee( soon to be) and as whatever things you may call me (^*). Astuteness and competency in blogging often requires skills,how much experiences you have, the way you create story plots...and all these are indeed a very new thing in my routine and of course, i have to learn from the very beginning as it was like I used to learn ABC and numbers 15years back! In fact,I only managed to achieve a grad of C6 of English from Cambridge Assessment for my previous SPM, colleagues, I'm not going to be a daily-updater as plenty of my time would be spent to work out!! yeah work out for the other things which are more relevant(I'm not saying blogging is not that important),so blogging would just be my part-time stint but I wish I could always be an updated blogger,no one knows what will really happen..

Before I end up, just wanna say that I'm willing to be criticized,condemned,rebuked and all such for the sake of being a better person. Better means a lot of things, it is not just a word...thus together we should create a culture and vicinity of peace and develop self improvement for our own,we are all friends and friends would never hamper others to hike and spearhead their own soul to be the better person! remember BETTER means lots..we r yet to be the best!

ridzwan hanaffi a.k.a along


spoonman.itu.aku said...

alg,,im so pening reading english!!Wahaha

blooming tulips in a garden said...

::cant really get what u mean by "better means lots"::lots of improvement anyway~

ridzwanhanaffi said...

spoonman: dah name sudu(spoonman) mmg la pening,cube tuka name tuh letak ayenberdengkor ayenberak ke ape ke bru la x fenin,hahaha

tulips: u may say dat..improvement is one of them, kempiskan perot is also considered 'better' for certain condition,kekeke

down_driller said...

Along!!! ha3 finally start blogging~ cool!! I have a very good site for you to visit. Check this out!! for you blog..:)

down_driller said...


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