Monday, July 27, 2009

Nasi Kunyit Mak

Yeah tomoro the semester break commences...

It was still early to dawn when suddenly the alarm of my dad's nokia 3310(latest model) rang to wake us up, it was actually alarmed only to my mum..I noticed the steps of mum slowly walking to the wash room, with half-opened and lazy eyes,I took a glance on what she was doing without asking even a single word..she was later heading the kitchen, I knew that today is Friday, where citizens of Terengganu are off from work, and basically in my hometown, there would be a big weekly pasar which folks throng as early as 7am to do selling and buying for their needs, food stuff and so on..I knew that Friday is the most awaited day by mum as she was normally prepared Nasi Kunyit to sell at the pasar,this was the solely way mum did to give a mere financially support to dad although dad had never asked mum to do this. Azan was vaguely aired by the muazzin, mum softly palm me off to perform the prayer, "Along2,bangun dh Subuh,kejut adik2 tu", I could hear the soft voice from a strong woman in front of me,she was quite elated I was back home for the break.

That day after performing my prayer, I felt like the toto (a type of matress used to sleep replacing bed) was calling me to again continue lying comfortably on it but I refused myself as I knew that mum was waiting at the kitchen. I went there but mum asked me to call younger sisters to come downstairs and finish up the wrapping works of Nasi Kunyit together. "Saa,Ipahh,Alinnn,Mawaddahhh cpt turun tlg mak nii" I shout out to them whom were so hard to leave their sleep after Subuh as it was Friday,off from schooling hours, no need to rush queing to take a turn into the toilet as we all share single washroom for 10 persons inside the small double storey house which was enherited from the late great grandfather of us. With the still sleepy and 'mamai' sisters,actually I was 'laloq' too, we began moving and working. My expertise job was wrapping the nasi kunyit tag-teamed with Sa. Mawaddah and Ipah assisted mum pouring kuah into the tiny sachet bag. Alin was waiting (plus continue sleeping) outside to send all packets to the pasar. We were all in the jovial and delightful moments eventhough I could see mum was a little tired but she never unveiled that kind of feeling in front of her child. Everyone realized our own onus and contributed something to mum that morning. Mum was not actually open her own stall at the pasar but just placed the nasi kunyit at a friend's stall by giving a remuneration(upah) for about 25sen for every 1ringgit sold.

11.30am- "Along2,bgn g amek duit nasi kunyit kejap", mum's voice again woke me up from the short nap (as usual it was Friday ^^ ), swiftly I stood,washed my face,took my father's old motorcycle and off to pasar. I was shocking suddenly it was not happening as usual, Nasi Kunyit were not all sold,it happened to be quite numbers there, I knew that it was not a good news for mum but I insisted that mum would always be ok. I took the money and the remaining of Nasi Kunyit and ride back home. Ahh I noticed mum was there already stood at the doorstep, from far I could see mum was there..."Mak,ade yang x habes arini,mungkin sbb org x masuk gaji lg kot ni,xpelah Along perabihkan eh,hehe", I was chuckling in jest, just want to cheer and deny the depression and it really was. "Mum calmly replied "Oo xpelah, mungkin xde rezeki arini,nk wat camane,bg kt makcik lah nnt nasi lebih ni". Yes I knew and in fact,I hoped mum would say that but I was not really sure either it was a true feeling inside my mum's heart or not. It was only my whim saying that. Mum was so strong, she was a woman with full of love, faith, perseverance, determination, compassion and forgiveness. With the earnings from selling Nasi Kunyit, mum has more than enough to support all her children and reduce dad's burden whom works as a mandor for few small contract-projects privately-owned by an uncle of mine. I can no longer see mum struggle to do such job, to secure uncertain amount of money to support dad. The Nasi Kunyit is only part of my mum's life. With the money earned from selling it, mum managed to collect coins and notes which are so paramount for her to be given away to all of us.

Mum and dad had never underwent an easy life even since they were in childhood time, everyday seems to be a hard, bustling and struggling day for them to grow and feed their 10 children. But mum and dad never revealed their grieves and grouses. These feelings are put in very obscure place inside their soul. Mum and dad, you should know that you dont need be to always live like present, since you were born you had done so much to live, your children is the most priority you put in your life. Mum and dad, you have to realise that God has bestowed you with all of us who will pull you out from the sickness, misery and anguish. With the just enough money, you have successfully provided us a great asylum, good education, palatable food and the most importantly your great love and care untill we all are here now. Mum and dad, we are almost...almost to pay off what you have done to us before,our soul is yours, wait mum and dad...We are all not well financially,but we posses love more than others and my promise is that, your long sacrifices would be worth it,insya Allah

Mohd Ridzwan ( Universiti Teknologi Petronas,Perak)

Nurul Shuhada( Kolej Perubatan Jururawat,Nilai)

Amirul Asyraf(Intec-preparation in medical course to Australia)

Fatihah Sakinah( UniKL MICET,Melaka)

Still schooling

Ain Afifah
Ilayana Nazlin

Aizat Aiman
Nur Anis
Amri Afiq

"Allahumar firgli zunu bi wa liwa ledayya war hamhuma kama yo robbaya ni soriraa"
Ya Allah tiada apa yang berharga atas bumiMu ini selain kasih sayangMu dan kasih sayang dari kedua ibu bapa ku, kurniakanlah kesihatan,kebaikan dan keberkatan buat mereka yang telah bersusah payah membesarkan ku,Amin

Your joy and smiles bring nothing to others but to us, it was the most lucrative and precious gift God grants us.

Thanks Ma and Abah!


Blooming tulips in a garden said...

ahha..bunyi mcm sdp (kata2 ni akan tpacul dr mulut manusia2 yg tgh lapa skrg)..hehhe

anep said...

bro, very touching story. ko dh buat aku lg rasa homesick nk balik umah peluk cium mak bapak aku. they r the most precious thing in our present life and hereafter. Insya Allah sama2 jd anak yg soleh. Keep on blogging. Chaiyok!!

ridzwanhanaffi said...

haha tq bro,you are so much freaking me with ur change having homesick of late,haha..pelik2,anyway be a good son of ur parents,make them proud of yourself and we are about to graduate very soon,hadiahkan diorg dgn scrol kite,we can do it! gudluck bro ^ ^

down_driller said...

haha we both love the family, don't we? All the best bro! :) keep up the hard good works! ^_^

ridzwanhanaffi said...

ya thats rite..wht ever it is,put the most priority on our family first coz once they r gone, we aint gonna have any replacement..chayok!~

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