Friday, October 16, 2009

Beautiful Song From Beautiful Miley

I've relished this song since months ago and still,yet dont feel any boredom inside it,haha.The melodious voice and inspiring words from lovely Miley. It whips up the spirit and not let you down when you feel it. It makes us to mull over that life is not that easy and there are fluctuating times,where we go up and down always around, and it challenges us to keep the faith that has been predestined into our life. Be strong dude! There's nothing simple and spoon-feeding everytime we wake up for a new day.

After all, you Miley is soooo charming and adorable!!!! Luv it!~jiwang lak,hehe~


down_driller said...

hek eleh.. before this post pasal solat. Miley cyrus x solat pon? ha3 pi dakwah dia cepat! ha3 visit my blog!! :) -Amir-

arelong said...

cet mmg la dh nape pon kapir quraisy,x solat la die..haha..alaa dgr suke2 jerk, hiburan masa lapang, jgn mabuk dgn lagu die suday,kehkeh..da2 g study!!=P

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